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Halloween costumes

KH halloweenLiv halloweenMP jbondLG halloween

Kallum was dressed up in a skeleton pirate costume.

Liv was dressed up in a witch costume.

morgan was jamesbond.

Lewis was dressed up in a skeleton in orange.

S1 liked dressing up for Halloween.

KS2 Trip to watch Ice Age at the Cinema

Ice age pic

Green class went to the cinema with Purple Class and Yellow class. We went to see the film Ice Age Collision Course because we have been learning about prehistory this term.

Jasmine says: “I liked it when the mammoths put the rocks in the volcano.”

Paddy says: “I liked the funny mammoth.”

ice age pic 2

Josh says “I liked Ice Age.”

Dylan says “I liked the sand pit in the park.”

Isla says ” It was nice and quiet because people weren’t talking so much.”

Justin says, “I liked the mammoth and the saber-tooth tiger, that’s all.”

Aidan says, “Do you know what the funny bit I liked was when the asteroids crashed into the ice. The bit when it started, that was really funny.”

cinema vue

Thank you Janet for organising a great trip and thank you to the Vue cinema for letting us visit, we all had a great time.

KS2 : )



A new friend for Purple Class

IMG_2147 We have a new guinea pig in Purple Class who is just 9 weeks old. Each member of Purple class chose a name, we came up with a shortlist from that, then voted and chose the one with the most votes. His name is Sooty. We separated the two guinea pigs so they can get to know each other. It took a while for Bear to come out, but they sniffed each other and squeaked to each other. When Purple class first met him, we all loved him. Bear seems happy, so they can make friends and be happy.


This term we were studying Anglo-Saxons who lived 1000 years ago.
We made the Anglo-Saxons shields out of cardboard and foam in the middle then we putted paper mashe on the shields then we are going to paint them. then the boys might have a play fightwith them.