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Yellow class visit Plymouth Aquarium

Yellow class had a lovely day at Plymouth Aquarium. We were shown around by Stu who told us all about the sea creatures and really help us engage in our learning. We then had lunch in the café.

Matthew said ‘I saw finding dory fish, nemo fish and sharks!’

Eve said ‘Sharks, sharp teeth!’

Callum said ‘I like the jellyfish’.

Jayden said ‘Look, there’s a stingray!’

Jake said ‘Hello little fishes’.

Joe asked to go back and watch the fishes again at lunchtime.

Some of the picture are quite blurry because the fishes don’t like the flash.


we did habitat at combe pafford  the five habitats for aminals are: forest,volcanic,artic,rockpool and desert

Coombe Pafford Science….

Last week, at Coombe Pafford we were doing the Periodic Table and we looked at the first group of elements.

One of the experiments was with Sodium, sadly it didn’t work, but the other two did work.

Trip To Exeter… #2

We got a bus at the bus stop near our school, then went to Totnes train station where we caught the train to Exeter St. David’s and went to Exeter central.



Exeter Trip…

This Tuesday, we went into Exeter, we were learning to plan a trip by bus and train, from Totnes.

We stopped for coffee when we got into Exeter and then went to the Cathedra, later we went for some lunch.

I had a jacket potato and my friend had soup and bread.

Craft Fare

On Saturday 25th March we are having a craft fare at the Methodist church, Totnes. The children of Purple class have been busy making things to sell. Please come and have a look around. There is a cake stall and refreshments as well as many other craft stalls.

Exploring Sea creatures

Yellow Class and some of Purple class had a fun afternoon exploring a crab, octopus, a dissected fish and a non dissected fish. We observed and felt the different sea creatures before dissecting.

A comment whilst exploring the fish was ‘hello little sweetheart!’.

We talked about how the fish breaths underwater and identified its gills, eyes, fins and tail.

We held the grab and decided if it was heavy or light.

We identified the grab pincers and counted how many legs it had. We decided that its shell was hard and spoke about the reasons why.

We counted how many legs and octopus had and identified the eyes and its suckers. We wanted to see what happened if we squeezed the octopus.

One of the students played vets and wanted make a hospital bed ready for amputation.

Here we are dissecting the fish and octopus, pulling its eyes out and finding out what is inside.



Beach Explorers

For the next two weeks Yellow Class are being Outdoor Explorers with a particular focus on the beach. On the first day of our project we went to North Sands. We had a great time in the sun exploring the beach with all our senses; looking for marine wildlife, looking at our shadows, finding seaweed, shells and anything else we found interesting and paddling in the sea. We also had a fire and hot chocolate and even tried some seafood from the local café. We recorded what we found on our clip boards.

After our sunny trip to the beach yesterday, we sorted through some of the items we found on the beach and placed them in the correct category.

We took the seaweed we had gathered on the beach and investigated what would happen if we covered it in paint and dropped it from a height and let it go. Some pulled a rope and let it go, others pressed a switch to activate an adult letting the seaweed fall.

We then used the items we found on the beach to make imprints in the clay. We explored the different shapes and marks we could make.

The Romans

In class, our topic is what if…… I lived 2000 years ago?

On Monday some of us dressed up as Romans and others made shields.

“It was really good when I held my shield. Now I know how the Romans fought”