Monthly Archives: May 2017

Forest School Making Chicks

Aidan says that he loved making the chicks in forest school because it was fun and very interesting. He chose this photo because it has him looking at the chick he has made and he is very proud of it

Aidan chose this photo because it has him working with Alex in forest school he says that he really likes Alex because he is friendly and has lots of fun in forest school with him


Party In The Town

Paddy says This was really fun because Taiko drumming is my favourite because my friends do it with me and we can make lots of noise. Paddy chose this photo because of the fact that he likes that it has all of his friends in it

Jasmine says she loves this because she likes  to have a good sing along and make music.

Aidan says that he loves to help set up the drums because he feels strong to carry them and he also he likes to bang the drums because they make very cool noises.



Lucy says that she likes these sessions because she can hit the drums very hard and it makes a good noise and she is getting very good at it. Lucy chose this photo because it has her hitting the drum in it and tis is her favourite part of the session.







This term our topic is ‘When I…..’ We have been learning about different jobs we could do ‘When I … am older’. Some of us want to be gardeners so we have been learning about gardening. We have also been doing some experiments with seeds to investigate ‘When I… plant a seed’ to see what happens.

On Tuesdays Latitia from upper school has been coming to Green class for work experience. She helped us plant some seeds.

We went to the garden and weeded the plant beds to make room for our seeds once they have grown. We did a great job at weeding.

The garden is all ready for us to plant our seeds once they have grown a little bit in class.

Josh says he was ‘weeding with Sue’.