Monthly Archives: October 2017

Tonight is Halloween

We are going out in the dark to look for Pumpkins. If there is one outside a house we can knock on the door and say ”Boo! trick or treat ”. We will dress up as scary pirates, wolfs and Dracula. We hope to get lots of sweets.


Carrie’s War Evacuees

S1 are going on a pretend evacuation trip soon. We are going to be chosen by pretend new families to look after us during the war.

We will go with our brothers and sisters. We will learn what it feels like to leave our parents at home and the washing machine. We will feel very sad. We wonder what we will have to do with the new families. Will we be able to play darts, and use the ipad. Will they give us juice and peaches.

We will let you know in our next blog.

S1 Carrie’s War

We are learning about the story of Carries War.

I heard a siren. It was very  loud. We were sitting  under the table and I  felt scared.

Carrie and her brother Nick went from London to live in Wales, to escape the bombs.

They had an adventure.


s1 Swimming in the Hydro

Today we went swimming. Some of us  did back crawl . We looked at the disco ball on the ceiling . It was fun  . We dived for the sinkers . We went to the bottom of the pool .