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S1 photos

Work this term

Maths programming the BeeBot.

Gas mask used in the war.                                     Lovely warm hydro session.

Currant buns on the Plasma screen.                       Marbling artwork.

Having fun with my class.

S1 Trip to Dartington Village Hall

Danny chooses Morgan.                                          The children meet the Billeting Officer 


S.1 went to the Village Hall to learn what it was like to be an evacuee in the war.

They took their gas masks with them as children would have at that time in case of a gas attack.

Staff at Bidwell brook school pretended to be the adults who had to choose a child to live with them. It was dangerous for families to live in the cities, they might get their houses bombed, so the children had to move to the countryside.

Our students looked very happy at being chosen.



Everyone in yellow class had a pumpkin. We carved out faces and made them look spooky. They all looked brilliant. [Said Matthew}

We liked carving out the eyes, nose and mouth. {said Jake}