New Orange Class (Bridging Class between) KS1 & KS2

We are extremely excited about our New Orange Class, which was created this New Year 2018.

All the children (and staff) have transitioned into our new class very well, the changes are now becoming more routine and familiar. The children have agreed that orange is one of the most vibrant and happiest of colours, within the rainbow. To celebrate, we have been exploring many different orange art techniques including, collages, finger painting, bubble painting, and printing.

Orange class have also been incorporating numeracy within our multi-sensory learning through  play, table top activity. We created an under the sea exploration table which enabled us to hear the sounds of the sea using the Ocean Drum and recreate the movements of the waves with various ocean coloured materials. During all this fun we also counted, added on & subtracted one more or less, matched and sorted sea creatures.

We have created a good mix of adult lead structured sessions and child lead continuous play sessions which have followed our overarching theme – What & Where?